Your question: How do I change the desktop environment in Fedora?

How do I change my default desktop environment?

How to Switch Between Desktop Environments. Log out of your Linux desktop after installing another desktop environment. When you see the login screen, click the Session menu and select your preferred desktop environment. You can adjust this option each time you log in to choose your preferred desktop environment.

What desktop environment does Fedora use?

The default desktop environment in Fedora is GNOME and the default user interface is the GNOME Shell. Other desktop environments, including KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXDE, MATE, Deepin and Cinnamon, are available and can be installed.

How do I change from Gnome to KDE in Fedora?

Switching Between Desktop Environments in Fedora

All you have to do is install the new DE or WM using DNF, log out (or sometimes reboot), and click the gear at the bottom-right corner of the login screen. There, you can choose between GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, Sway, i3, bspwm, or whatever other DE or WM you have installed.

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How do I customize my desktop in Linux?

Use these five methods for personalizing your Linux desktop environment:

  1. Tweak your desktop utilities.
  2. Switch the desktop theme (most distros ship with many themes)
  3. Add new icons and fonts (the right choice can have an amazing effect)
  4. Reskin your desktop with Conky.

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How do I get rid of desktop environment?

Best Answer

  1. Uninstall just ubuntu-gnome-desktop sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop sudo apt-get remove gnome-shell. This will remove just the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package itself.
  2. Uninstall ubuntu-gnome-desktop and it’s dependencies sudo apt-get remove –auto-remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop. …
  3. Purging your config/data too.

What is the default desktop environment?

The most common desktop environment on personal computers is Windows Shell in Microsoft Windows.

Is Fedora good for desktop?

Fedora is fine for desktops, excellent in fact. It might be slightly complicated for new users, but I don’t see any big problems with it. Fedora is a great desktop and has a great community. You shouldn’t have any problems using it.

Is Fedora KDE good?

Fedora KDE is as good as KDE. I use it daily at work and I’m very pleased. I find it more customizable than Gnome and got accustomed to it pretty quick. I had no problems since Fedora 23, when I installed it for the first time.

Is Fedora a operating system?

Fedora Server is a powerful, flexible operating system that includes the best and latest datacenter technologies. It puts you in control of all your infrastructure and services.

Does Fedora have a GUI?

The Fedora options in your Hostwinds VPS(s) doesn’t come with any graphical user interface by default. There are a lot of options when it comes to look-and-feel of a GUI in Linux, but for lightweight (low resource usage) window management, this guide will use Xfce.

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How do I change my desktop environment from Gnome to KDE?

Both Desktop Environment should be installed on your system. To switch between the two use the switchdesk command. To change it for all users, edit /etc/sysconfig/desktop and change the desktop from GNOME to KDE or vice versa.

Is cinnamon based on Gnome?

Cinnamon is a free and open-source desktop environment for the X Window System that derives from GNOME 3 but follows traditional desktop metaphor conventions. … With respect to its conservative design model, Cinnamon is similar to the Xfce and GNOME 2 (MATE and GNOME Flashback) desktop environments.

How do I customize KDE desktop?

The icon theme is the best alternative to customize it very easily. To change the theme on the KDE Plasma desktop, just go to the start menu and search for “icons”. You will get some default icon themes pre-installed there. You can choose your favorite one from them.

How do I customize my Gnome desktop?

One option to get some of the most common and most popular customization is to install the Gnome Tweak Tool. Go to Activities, select Software, and enter tweak in the search. Select Tweak Tool and then click Install. The whole process should take about a minute.

How reliable is Linux?

Linux is notoriously reliable and secure. It has a strong focus on process management, system security, and uptime. Users usually experience less issues in Linux. Although Microsoft Windows has made great improvements in reliability in recent years, it’s considered less reliable than Linux.

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