Dream Riders meet community members in Charlotte, NC

Max Kim, Dream Rider from Los Angeles, said: “I am joining Dream Riders Across America because I want to fight for immigrant rights. I know what it is like to live in fear of deportation, unsure of what will happen in the future. I grew up in America just like every other American and am learning now that while my classmates and peers move on with their lives, I am experiencing many roadblocks because of something I had no control over. I am asking community members to give all immigrants the opportunity to have a fair and equal shot at the American Dream. Join me in this struggle by speaking up for all community members.”

Dream Riders Launch 12-Day Bus Tour in Washington D.C.

For Immediate Release July 28, 2015 CONTACT: DMV: Emily Kessel, eakessel@nakasec.org, 651-399-9016 English: Healy Ko, hko@nakasec.org, 267-304-5260 Korean: Ga Young Chung, gchung@nakasec.org, 217-281-2267 Dream Riders Launch 12-Day “Dream Riders Across America” Bus Tour in Washington D.C. Dream Riders meet with…

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