How do I change where Spotify saves songs Android?

How do I change my storage location on Spotify?

First, open your Spotify App on your Android device. Next, tap Settings > Storage. Then, select where you want to save your cache folder on your Android device. Lastly, tap OK on the pop-up to confirm.

How do I change my download location on Spotify mobile?

Open Spotify on your Android device and select the Home screen. Tap the Settings icon from the upper-right corner of the Spotify app. Choose the location where you want Spotify to save the files by tapping it once. Tap the OK button when prompted.

Where are downloaded Spotify songs stored Android?

Scroll down to Offline song storage, and you’ll see the location of your downloaded songs. On Android: Downloaded songs will be stored in Android/data/com. spotify.

How do I change Spotify storage to SD card?

1) Launch Spotify on your Android device and then go to tap the Home tab at the bottom of the screen. 2) Tap the Settings icon, then tap Other and scroll down to find Storage. 3) Select SD card when you need to choose where you want to save your downloaded music. 4) Tap the OK button to save your music to an SD card.

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Where is my Spotify file location?

All tracks purchased from Spotify appear on a dedicated Download page, accessible from the Downloads option on the left sidebar. They are also stored in a dedicated Downloads folder — by default, the Music folder in your Windows or Mac Library.

Why won’t Spotify show my local files?

In case the added local files do not appear in your Spotify library on your phone, make sure that: Your mobile device and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Your Spotify app is updated on all your devices. You are using the same Spotify account.

Do Spotify downloads take up storage?

Primarily, this depends on the quality of the content you are downloading. Premium users have multiple options, but individual songs can take up nearly 10 MB of space on your phone. On the low end, they can take up around 3 MB per song.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing?

When Spotify randomly stops on your device frequently, try switching your phone off and then restarting it. To do this, long-press the ‘Power’ button of your phone. Then choose among the options of either switching off or restarting. … This should make your device function smoothly along with Spotify.

How do I delete Spotify downloads 2020?

Follow these steps if you are interested in learning how:

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Then go to Your Library.
  3. Enter the album that you want to delete.
  4. Tap the three dots next to the download sticker.
  5. Search for the Delete Playlist option.
  6. Confirm that you want to delete it.
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Where are downloaded Spotify songs stored on my phone?

Quick tip: To access your downloaded Spotify playlist on your phone, all you have to do is tap Your Library > Music and select your music under Playlists or Albums.

Where are my downloaded Spotify songs on my phone?

These instructions are the same whether you have the iOS or Android version of Spotify.

  1. To see your discography, tap “Your Library” on the bottom tray of options.
  2. To sort your music by albums that you have downloaded to your device, click the “Albums” tab, then swipe down to reveal a search bar.

How do I transfer downloaded songs from Spotify?

For: Premium

  1. Import your local files with the “Desktop” steps.
  2. Add the files to a playlist.
  3. Log in on your mobile or tablet using the same WiFi as your desktop.
  4. Go to Settings > Local Files and switch on Enable sync from desktop. …
  5. Download the playlist with your local files.
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